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Our Team

Our staff are here to assist you through all aspects of your journey at ATN.

bobbie jo Barker -

Bobbie Jo Barker

Executive Director

I get to oversee an amazing team of people who are passionate, committed and unrelenting in their work.  What I love most is that each and every day, I get to meet the most amazing humans I have ever known!

joe coreno -

Joe Coreno

Employment and Learning Specialist

I can work with you before employment begins to ensure you are job ready. I’m fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), and work closely with our Deaf clients. I enjoy working at ATN because it allows me to invest in people and provide them with  tools and opportunities to find meaning and purpose in work. 

cherie gobson -

Cherie Gibson

Employment and Learning Specialist

I love being a part of our dedicated team at ATN!  Through my work as a learning and employment specialist, I support people to gain skills and resources to pursue their goals.  As an instructor, I create a  space that embraces difference, where students are seen and valued. 


Schae-Lynn Lucan

Employment and Learning Specialist

As a job developer, I strive to assist individuals in finding employment positions that they will enjoy and thrive in. I also work directly with the YESS programs and assist in finding placements. Not only do I find employment and placements, but I also advocate for and support clients in any way that I can. I truly enjoy working at ATN because I get to build empowering relationships with both clients and employers! 

paula leighton -

Paula Leighton

Employment and Learning Specialist

Hi! A large part of what I do is create and facilitate workshops for our clients. I especially enjoy teaching life skills such as communication, understanding emotions, financial basics, and teamwork. When not teaching, I work with youth who have completed programs to achieve their employment or educational goals.

jeanne mclaws -

Jeanne McLaws

Employment and Learning Specialist

Hi Everyone! I teach our clients how to use assistive technology such as speech recognition, text to speech, and work with various software programs. I enjoy helping individuals to understand their potential and to work towards their goals. For me this = Satisfaction!

vito mendonca -

Vito Mendonca

Community Development Manager

I  spread the word on our amazing work and our amazing clients! I love to meet new people, learn about their experiences, and be a part of the change they seek in their lives. Community is at the core of our services, and I help build partnerships  within our community  that create pathways to help with our clients’ success.

brittany moore -

Brittany Moore

Employment and Learning Specialist

I am committed to creating a welcoming environment where you and I can work together. If you had difficulties  in school or think you might have a learning disability, I can help you understand your strengths and challenges and make a plan to achieve your goals.


Frank Moore

Finance Specialist

I work behind the scenes with all things money to facilitate the continuous flow of energy between our clients, staff, and the London community. Impacting peoples lives in a positive way is a daily goal I strive for. It is truly wonderful then for this opportunity at ATN to work with so many caring people as we all strive to co-create a world that works for all.

megan papadakos -

Megan Papadakos

Fund Development


I enjoy building relationships with our clients, partners, funders, and community.  I am proud of the variety of  ways our clients experience growth and success. I help raise funds to build and deliver our exceptional programs and services and I'm proud to be part of the ATN team dedicated to empowering  our clients.

vicary parkin -

Vicary Parkin

Employment and Learning Specialist

I can help you figure out  the education you need to reach your employment goals. If you struggled at school I can help you get a better understanding of your learning strengths and challenges. Together, we can develop strategies to make your future education a success.

avril rinn -

Avril Rinn

Counseling Services Manager

I’ve worked at ATN for many years.  In fact, I was a client in one of our first programs! I am a Registered Therapist and along with developing programs I work with clients to overcome  mental health barriers.  I especially enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives by learning skills to manage anxiety, and overcome procrastination.  


Ahmad Reza Senejani

Employment and Learning Specialist

My master's degree is in psychology, and I have been working in the field of positive psychology for more than seven years. the goal of this field is to live meaningfully based on your abilities and strengths.

Discovering and focusing on your abilities and capabilities will lead you to the path of flourish, and I am glad to learn from you on this path and to be by your side.

jill tozzo -

Jill Tozzo

Employment and Learning Specialist

I work in the Welcome Centre where along with a team of dedicated co-workers, assist people in reaching their employment and educational goals. At ATN we pride ourselves in not just helping our clients but celebrating them, individually.

Barb Williamson -

Barbara Williamson

Business Development Specialist

I am grateful for the opportunity to provide business support for our amazing organization. It’s inspiring to see the great work we do to ensure everyone has a place to grow, discover and belong. 

louis the guide dog -


Guide Dog  Extraordinaire

I'm a Labrador Retriever and work as Avril’s guide dog. When I'm not helping her navigate the city, I hang out in her office and lounge. I love to  play and to eat -- pretty much everything !  I never say no to yummy treats or to a game of tug-of-war! I love everyone I meet and get really excited when we get visitors!  When I'm not working, I'm totally up for sharing some doggy love !