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Find Work

Are you looking for a job, need to work on your resume, 

have questions about your career path, or want to improve your skills? We’ve got you covered!


The Welcome Centre 

The Welcome Centre is our drop-in, no cost, no appointment needed resource centre.  Our staff are available to help you create winning resumes, research employment and training opportunities, find out about community resources,  apply for jobs that interest you and practice interviewing skills.  If you want to fly solo you can work on your own with full use of our facilities. 

The Welcome Centre
Technology Services

Technology Services


Our Technology Services can help you understand and use technology to overcome barriers at work and at home.  Whether you’re a super savvy tech-pro or just starting out, we will customize a learning plan around your skill-level and comfortability. We can help you find the specialized tech and software to suit your needs, and give you the skills to use them to better navigate work, home, and your community.  We can also teach you how to make everyday programs like Microsoft Office work better for you!  

Our Certified Assistive Technologist can assess your specific needs and offer suggestions on alternative keyboards, mice, voice recognition, text readers, screen enhancement software, and ergonomic solutions to get you to work or keep you working comfortably.


Whether a barrier is temporary or a lifetime concern, ATN’s Technology Services provides customized programs that will meet the specific needs of your employees and your customers.

We can help you to ensure your workplace is accessible and inclusive with the following services:

  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations to avoid  costly workplace injuries

  • Individual accommodation and return-to work plans for your staff

  • Templates for your HR department

  • Assistance with AODA compliance



Employment Services

Our Employment Specialists can assist you with any stage of your job search.  We can help you explore new or different career opportunities and create an action plan for success based on your needs and situation.  We also provide individual and group services, that can help you to develop stress management skills, conflict resolution techniques and understand safe workplace practices.  Once you are employed we can continue to support you at whatever level you need, from friendly advice, on-site job coaching to advocating to ensure you have proper accommodations to succeed long term.

Employment Services

Learning Development Services

Have you been struggling to find work and wonder if you might have a learning disability?  We offer no cost Learning Disability Assessments to unemployed adults who have had difficulty finding work and suspect they have a learning disability. A diagnosis from a qualified professional will give you a better understanding of your needs and from there we can work together to develop strategies that will help you reach your education and employment goals. We also provide skills upgrading, employment preparation help, and GED services to people of all ages who have experienced learning barriers  

Learning Development Services
YESS Program

YESS Program

You could get paid to learn!  Yes, we're serious, it’s not too good to be true.  Our YESS program can give you the opportunity to earn, learn, and practice your new skills on the job if you are between 15 and 30 years old, need assistance to overcome barriers and meet the following requirements: 

  • You are out of school

  • You are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have refugee status

  • You are legally entitled to work in Ontario

  • You are not collecting Employment Insurance benefits.

Our YESS Program was developed to help young people get the skills and knowledge they need to find jobs. Upon acceptance to the program you will participate in 5 weeks of in class pre-employment training and complete a 10 week real-life, real job placement. The best part -- you get paid for both!  During the pre-employment training you will attend classes with other participants and our YESS instructors for 30 hours each week. During the pre-employment phase you will work with our Job Developers and our extensive employer network to find a placement opportunity aligned with your future career goals. During your work placement you will work/attend class for up to 25 hours per week. At the end of the course you will continue to have full access to ATN services. 


* Note:  An Intake session is required before we can establish registration, and                    participant acceptance is determined by ATN’s selection process.

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