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Find Employees

ATN partners with local businesses and corporations with the focus of integrating qualified individuals into the workforce.

Employer Services

We offer specific employer services to help you streamline your recruitment efforts and on-site training to enhance your employee's skill.  As an employer let us help you with the following: 

  • Pre-screening applicants

  • Developing training plans

  • Onsite placement monitoring

  • Accommodation Support

  • Job Retention Support (for new or existing employees)

  • Access to Information resources

  • Training and wage subsidy programs

  • Computer assistive technology

  • Advice and information about workplace accommodations 

  • A large pool of qualified job seekers and program participants

Employer Services
Employer Options

Become an Employment Partner

Let's work together to inspire, create and engage opportunities for all!

Finding and retaining employees with the right skills and can-do attitudes is often challenging. Individuals with disabilities and/or barriers represent a largely untapped pool of qualified job-seekers with the potential to help your business succeed and grow!


Benefits for Employers Who Hire Our Clients:

Businesses that hire individuals with disabilities report reduced turnover, increased employee loyalty, healthier workplace cultures, higher staff morale, and better productivity all around. You may also qualify for wage and/or training incentives to help offset the cost of hiring and training someone new.  Here are just some of the benefits you get by partnering with us: 

  • Access to a new and vital talent pool of workers

  • A diverse workforce that gives you a competitive advantage by adding new ideas, viewpoints and problem-solving approaches

  • 59% of millennial consumers who are more likely to purchase from corporations that do social good.

  • Higher than average retention rates associated with hiring people with disabilities/barriers to help you to avoid hiring and retraining costs

A Wide Range of Possibilities 

We have many different clients  and programs to help your business.  Better yet, when you partner with us you gain access to our Employment Specialists, Job Developers , and our Certified Assistive Technologist. We fully support our employment partners and our participants  at every stage of employment. Our staff are available to you remotely for  quick fixes and advice, and can provide more intensive supports at your place of business including onsite accessibility services,  one-to-one job coaching, accommodation planning, return to work/modified duty plans and  job shadowing.  


Accessible Workplaces

Whether your employee has a barrier that is temporary or a lifetime concern, ATN’s staff provide customized programs that will meet the specific needs of your employees and your customers.

​We can help you to ensure your workplace is accessible and inclusive with the following services:

  • Ergonomic assessments/recommendations to avoid costly workplace injuries

  • Individual accommodation and return-to work plans for your staff

  • Templates for your HR department

  • Assistance with AODA compliance

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Accessible Workplaces
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