Our Clients

Our Clients

Finding and retaining skilled employees with the right qualifications and level of experience is a challenge for many businesses.

Individuals with disabilities and/or barriers represent an untapped candidate pool for businesses. Recruiting and retaining people with disabilities is one approach to counter the effects of the aging and shrinking workforce. Businesses that hire individuals with disabilities report reduced employee turnover, increased employee loyalty, and increased morale and productivity of other employees.

Benefits and Opportunities for Employers Who Hire Our Clients:

  • By opening your job searches to qualified people with disabilities/barriers, you gain access to a new and vital talent pool of workers
  • A healthy workforce includes people with different abilities
  • A diverse workforce gives you a competitive advantage by adding new ideas, viewpoints and approaches to solving your business challenges
  • Your employees and customers appreciate diversity
  • Employing people with disabilities/barriers makes good business sense because it has a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Retention rates among people with disabilities/barriers are higher than average thus reducing training costs
  • People with disabilities/barriers are loyal customers to businesses who support them

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