Client Success Story – Phil Rutledge

Phil Rutledge

Phil Rutledge received his first computer training, in IBM mainframe technology, while attending the Business Information Systems program at Fanshawe College in the late 1970’s. He was introduced to Windows in 1997, as a student in ATN’s Introductory Computer Program. Over the years, Phil’s connection with us continued as he regularly returned for job search assistance or to update his resume. In 2011, Phil began to give back to ATN through volunteering. For three years, he assisted clients in the Learning Disabilities Lab as a math and reading tutor.

Phil’s computer skills have come a long way since he learned to use Windows 95 over 20 years ago. Today he is a technology entrepreneur, running a business which specializes in converting 8MM and VHS recordings to digital format, then burning the files to DVD, and optionally loading them on a USB memory key. Phil is enthusiastic about his work and how it can help families preserve special moments such as birthdays, vacations, and weddings, that were recorded on video cassettes and might otherwise be lost.

If you have something you would like converted, contact Phil at: