Technology Services

Technology Services


ATN’s Technology Services are designed to support individuals in becoming more proficient with technology and to utilize technology to help overcome physically, sensorial, and learning barriers.

ATN provides training on technologies and software including business applications such as Microsoft Office, Assistive Technologies including alternative keyboards, mice, voice recognition, text readers, and screen enhancement software, and assessments to determine computer skillsets, ergonomics, and establish which adaptive devices might be right for you.

Whether a barrier is temporary or a lifetime concern, ATN’s Technology Services also provides business with customized programs that will meet the specific needs of your clients, employees or staff.

While ATN specializes in programs and services for persons with disabilities, the courses in our catalogue are available to everyone. For a look at some of our more popular services available, please view our latest catalogue. Additional programs and services may also be available depending on your needs.

*Some services are also available in in the surrounding area through our Fee-for-Service Programs.*

For more information please contact us at or call 519-433-7950 ext 378.