Learning Disability Service

Learning Disability Services


ATN provides cost-free learning disability (LD) diagnosis to unemployed adults who are unsuccessful in finding work and suspect they have a learning disability. Using the details of that diagnosis, specific accommodation strategies are created to address each individual’s unique barriers to education and employment.

Our Learning Disability Specialists work with clients to educate them about their learning challenges, and assist them in developing coping strategies.

The term “learning disability” refers to medical disorders that affect the aquisition, retention, understanding, organization or use of information. A common misconception persists that a learning disability is synonymous with an intellectual disability.

We Can Help You

We Can Help You

Learning disabilities can be expressed simply as “a different way of perceiving the world”. ATN provides services to people of all ages who are experiencing these learning barriers. An overview of some these services are listed below. To find out more about them and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Prescreening and formal diagnosis of learning disabilities for academic or employment purposes
  • Assistance with skills upgrading
  • Instruction in computerized assistive technology like Kurzweil 3000 and Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Workplace/Classroom Accommodation Consultation
  • Employment preparation help
  • Job search assistance
  • Job maintenance support

For more information please contact our Learning Disabilities Specialist, Vicary Parkin, at v.parkin@atn.ca / 519-433-7950 ext 372.